"At a time when many prayer books feel overhyped or prepackaged, this companion anthology to Ordinary Graces quietly invites rather than instructs, is relevant without being trendy and is timeless in its thoughtful content. Kisly, a former publisher at Pilgrim Press and Tricycle and Parabola  magazines, draws from a broad spectrum of contemporary and classic Christian writing, distilling the wisdom of many centuries into an accessible volume.

       As editor, she adroitly avoids the temptation to overexplain or draw conclusions; rather, she offers a succinct, thoughtful introduction to each chapter that draws the reader irresistibly into the text. Kisly frames the readings in 12 "cycles" that walk through the great linchpins of communion with God, including repentance, the role of the Holy Spirit, obedience, renunciation and the Lord's Prayer. Interlaced throughout are themes of love, community and the value of solitude.

       Although there is tremendous diversity, the careful choices and arrangement of her selections cause the book to feel cohesive and seamless. Readers will find passages from their favorite mystics, novelists, poets and priests, including Ole Hallesby, Kallistos Ware, Evelyn Underhill, Gerard Manley Hopkins, Francois Fe'nelon, Phyllis Tickle, Henri Nouwen, Meister Eckhart, Flannery O'Connor, Thomas Merton and Fyodor Dostoyevski, as well as lesser-known authors. A thorough source list serves as a springboard for deeper exploration.

       This gorgeous collection has the potential to inspire, shape and deepen a Christian's life of prayer and will doubtless become an indispensable part of any spiritual pilgrim's core library." 

AGAIN AND again, the same peace, the same stillness, the same quality of focused attention. Even the skeptical reader begins to believe that they are not talking about nothing, these voices so widely scattered in place and time. As for the bold reader, she begins to consider trying it.” 
Jack Miles, author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning God: A Biography

“NOT A BOOK to be read, but a book to be savored. Beautifully structured, it leads us through twelve cycles to the very heart of prayer. Our companions along the way are the great voices of the Christian tradition, past and present, some well-known and some new acquaintances. Each page, indeed paragraph, invites lingering and prayerful pondering.” 
Margaret Guenther, author of The Practice of Prayer 

Originally titled Watch and Pray and published by Bell Tower/Random House in hard cover.

Published as Christian Teachings on the Practice of Prayer by New Seeds/Shambhala

2006 paperback, 288 pp.

Both editions available through Amazon

​LORRAINE KISLY writer, editor, journalist