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Kisly is the former editor of the distinguished journal Parabola and founding publisher of the equally distinguished Tricycle. This delightful book on the Lord's Prayer displays the intelligence and good judgment we have come to expect from Kisly. Her own extended meditation on the prayer, which she terms "a laboratory for watching and praying," is followed by a mini-anthology of inspired paraphrases of the prayer, from those of St. Francis of Assisi and Dante to the more contemporary Phyllis Tickle and Christopher Bamford. Kisly concludes with a fascinating appendix offering simple body movements, based on ancient Christian postures during prayer, to be used while reciting the Lord's Prayer. Highly recommended.

New Revised Edition

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Throughout the last 2000 years, the Lord's Prayer has been at the center of every form and rule of prayer among Christians. But many of us recite the Lord's Prayer.

We have all heard it countless times, but when have we listened to it? This book encourages readers to turn towards the words of the Lord's Prayer again, this time with their bodies, minds, hearts, and spirit, to listen rather than to say it.

And to discover it anew as the primary Christian meditation.

​LORRAINE KISLY writer, editor, journalist

Any small group that would like to begin their encounter with the prayer using this book with the author as a guide, arrangements can be made for Lorraine Kisly to travel to your location for a one or two-day period of reflection and study. Please use the contact form to inquire.